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Glendevon Motors is a first-class Los Angeles exotic car rental service, renting only late-model Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Range Rovers.


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Hotel, office, Van Nuys airport—wherever you are, our top-shelf service defines the word “luxury.”


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Premier exotic car rental in Los Angeles, with all the perks. Glendevon is what luxury car rentals should be.

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Rent a Rolls-Royce in L.A.

  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
    From $1430/day (gas included*)

The Rolls-Royce Ghost needs to be driven to be believed. Powerful, yet whisper-quiet, the Ghost’s high-end engineering and cutting-edge technology make it one of the most sought-after exotic cars in the world. Rolls-Royce calls it “an effortless driving experience,” and we agree.

On the street, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is hard to miss—its unique grille bumper, LED headlights, and Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament can’t be mistaken for anything else.

And under the hood? A twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine will give you the ride of your life.

That ride is just a call away. To rent the Rolls-Royce Ghost, or for any other exotic car rental in Los Angeles, contact Glendevon Motors today.


Rent a Bentley in L.A.

  • Bentley Continental GTC
  • Bentley Continental GTC
  • Bentley Continental GTC
    From $1285/day (gas included*)

Bentley redefined the exotic car, and the Bentley Continental GTC is just the latest in a long line of superior automobiles.

Zero to 60mph in under 5 seconds. More than 550 horsepower under the hood delivers a top speed of 195 mph. And when the sun’s out—put the top down… Because the Bentley Continental GTC is, of course, a convertible. Feel the wind in your hair and drive where the freeway takes you.

Bentley says that no other car “exemplifies the spirit of life’s grand tour more than the Bentley Continental.” Truer words were never spoken.

For Bentley Continental GTC rentals in Los Angeles, contact Glendevon Motors.


Rent a Range Rover HSE in L.A.

  • Range Rover HSE by Land Rover
  • Range Rover HSE by Land Rover
  • Range Rover HSE by Land Rover
    From $360/day (gas included*)

The Range Rover HSE is a highly relaxed, incredibly comfortable drive. You might even forget you’re behind the wheel of a 4WD SUV—until you give it some gas. Then you’ll realize the Range Rover HSE can handle anything you throw at it.

From the moment your wheels touch the open road, it’s Range Rover all the way. Land Rover calls the HSE sure-footed… And we’re “sure” of this—once you get behind the wheel you won’t want to go back to your own car.

The roofline, the waistline, the instantly recognizable silhouette—we hope you enjoy being noticed, because in the Range Rover HSE, you certainly will be.

For Range Rover HSE rentals in Los Angeles, contact Glendevon Motors.

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