About Us

Glendevon Motors is a family business, and one that has a passion for quality and excellence in everything we do.

Before we relocated to Los Angeles, we had the lucky pleasure to own and drive some of the world’s most exotic luxury vehicles. From the highlands of Scotland to the picturesque country lanes of southern England we experienced the thrill—and the joy—of motoring at its finest.

We started Glendevon Motors so you can feel the same luxury.

With Glendevon, now you too can drive exclusive cars from iconic British brands in the most glamorous city in America.

Going to be in L.A.?

Consider this your invitation to enjoy our prestigious automobiles—and feel the thrill of driving for yourself.

Grant and Gayle Arnell
Glendevon Motors




For luxury car rentals, Los Angeles’ Glendevon Motors will set you up in style.


Late-model luxury cars

Glendevon Motors is a first-class Los Angeles luxury car rental service, renting only late-model Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Range Rovers.


Free pick-up and delivery

Hotel, office, Van Nuys airport—wherever you are, our top-shelf service defines the word “luxury.”


Generous mileage, free gas

Premier luxury car rental… Los Angeles-style perks. Glendevon is what luxury car rentals should be.